Fair Trade shop ”Klotet” in Lund is a local non-profit organisation, founded in the 1980s. Today the association has approximately 150 members. ”Klotet” was one of the first Fair Trade shops in Sweden. Today there are 30 Fair Trade shops, ”Klotet” ist the best! ”Klotet” is part of the Swedish Fair Trade movement and a member of The Swedish Organization of Fair Trade Retailers. “Klotet” is the Swedish popular expression for “earth.”

Sales and information

The association works within two areas, sales and information. The store is where the majority of our sales take place, but we also participate in markets and other events to exhibit and sell goods. The work is performed by 40 volunteers and one part time employee.

We sell goods manufactured by small cooperatives in Africa, Asia and Latin America, we are contributing to the improvement of these producers’ working and living conditions. The majority of our goods are either Fairtrade-labeled, or WFTO-certified. We collaborate with importers from Sweden, Denmark, Germany, Great Britain, Finland, France and Netherlands.

The association also provides information about the Fair Trade concept, holding lectures, student field trips to the store and product tastings or demonstrations. We also participate in information campaigns arranged by other actors like labour unions, non-profit organisations and schools.

A member of WFTO

As a member of the Swedish Organisation of Fair Trade Retailers vi are a member of the World Fair Trade Organization (WFTO). We follow WFTO’s 10 principles, a quality guarantee that raises credibility with our customers and contributes to an increase in fair international trade.